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b.freq is a software company focused on mobile applications for Android and iOS.

At b.freq we do more than just create in house applications. We are also available for marketing and monetizing your mobile applications. If you are interested in boosting your companies revenue contact us through our Support Page

Check out what people have to say about D&D Dice by bfreq:

Andrew - Android Market
"Goddamn do I love this app. It saved my mage from werewolves with high save rolls. Also it's free, updated frequently with new AND useful stuff and I get my custom rolls. Awesome stuff."

FateIT - Android Market
"Best on Android Market! All of my combat bonuses and dice configured for ease of use. The having attacks a round @ 2d10+3d6+14 was getting to be a handful. Thank you so much for making such a useful app for the advanced gamer."

Roberto - Android Market
"Great Easy,fast, and custumizable"

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